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Scissor Happy!

An artist always has their favorite tools whether it is a favorite paint brush for a fine artist, a special drill for a jewelry maker, or scissors for the seamstress. I was hired for a job once because they knew I was "scissor happy"! I always liked to cut and shape fabrics,

which could come in handy for creative costuming on set.

When teaching children to sew, I also like to teach them the best techniques to cut fabric, and one is more successful when a nice sharp pair of scissors are available.

I have come to love these Kai scissors, they are made in Japan of stainless steel.

Not too expensive, they stay sharp forever and create a smooth, clean cut.

The KAI 6 1/2" and 8" scissor has blades that allow fatigue-free cutting on all types of fabric. Ergonomic soft handles for comfortable fit comes in true blue and includes a full blade cap for safe storage. The 6 1/2" are perfect for small hands.

KAI scissors have special stainless steel blades for better cutting performance and highly resistant to corrosion.

I am excited to add these scissors to my Shop and offer them to you!


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