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Discovering New Ideas

As some of you are aware, I am traveling this month exploring many of the small towns in Oregon and Washington. The best part of traveling, besides being somewhere new, is seeing with fresh eyes and the inspiration it brings.

Near the woods of Sisters, Oregon I collected small wood pieces that are quite beautiful

in their natural forms. With my students we can laquer the pieces and create pendants.

Spotting a cool knitted bowl in the window

of a small knit shop, I went in to inquire. The shopkeeper told me it is easy to make, and although I am not a knitter I am inspired to learn to make this bowl. To give it a go I purchased a skein and very large wood needles. In Portland I will be visiting a friend that is an amazing fibor artist, together we will knit this bowl. I can't wait to learn, so I can teach my students interested in learning to knit.

In Thursdays’ class a student has been asking to make metal jewelry. Having promised we will in March, I looked into ordering bronze or copper clay that can be fired in my jewelry kiln to create pure metal pieces. Discovering there are new types on the market I am excited to research and try out the different kinds now available.

By continuing to discover new ideas it helps me reach my goal to teach students all the techniques they need to bring their creativity to life!


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